A Foundation That Really Stays Put!

Screen-Shot-2015-07-17-at-18.30.12This Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is truly excellent, It just doesn’t move!
Usually by midday or early evening my foundation has either slid off my face or as I’m always touching my face, it’s usually all over my hands and anything else I’ve touched (annoyingly)
The bottle says ‘stay-in-place make-up’ and boy does it, it has a smooth texture and a pleasant scent, but be warned you need to get used to applying it. When it’s dried it really isn’t good to go over it as it will look a bit caked, so work quite quickly using a brush.
Blend downwards paying special attention to any pigmentation problems, thread veins (yes it covers them yeeeaaah) etc
The other fabulous thing is you really don’t need much, the 30ml bottle will last ages and the colours available are lovely, they give a great even warm tone and this product seems to help with the appearance of enlarged pores.
But heres my second warning…… moisturise well! This foundation dries quite dry, if your skin isn’t well moisturise it simple won’t sit as well, so exfoliate regularly and moisturise well….. your result will then be as even and as flawless a complexion (which stays in place) as you’ll probably ever have.
If you’re like me and you like to look a bit more tanned than you actually are, buying a shade or two darker is a great way to go, but blend the foundation down onto your neck otherwise you’ll have an unsightly line.