A Really Great Primer By Estee Lauder

If you don’t use or have never used a primer and have trouble getting your make-up to stay in place or have uneven skin texture, large pores or dullness, a good primer can really help.
I bought this one by Estée (ha, look at me, I found the e with a little hat on) Lauder when I bought the double wear foundation.
On the front of the box it says ‘Illuminating Perfecting Primer’ on the back it says ‘Adds instant brightness and radiance so make-up looks smooth and fresh’ I have to say my skin has never looked better, it really is illuminated without being shiny!
This product has ‘soft-reflection optic’ which is said to minimise the appearance of pores and flaws, I must say it definitely has made a difference to mine Yaaaaaay!
This primer has a light soft creamy texture, with little to no scent, the product goes far so you really don’t need much. Having said that, don’t rub it in too much, it needs to sit on your skin to provide the base you require.
For me, I have achieved the best results when using this primer in combination with the double wear foundation, my skin looks really great if I apply the foundation before the primer has totally dried.