Bronzer – Add A Little Colour

Screen-Shot-2015-07-14-at-15.19.32This bronzer by Bare Minerals is a really great way to liven up, add a little colour and contour your face.
Just store it and open it upright, or you’ll be in a bit of a mess!
The loose powder is scent free and a very deep colour so the expression ‘less is more’ really applies, otherwise you’ll look like a burnt orange (never a good look)
Dip your brush in gently, just once and only enough to touch the very end of the hairs, then get some tissue and dab the tip of the brush a couple of times to remove the excess.
Apply the bronzer lightly just under your cheek bones for definition, brush very lightly the around the edge of your forehead, top of your nose, cheeks and around the edge of your face for a sun kissed glow. Remember you can build up the colour much easier than trying to take it away if you’ve applied too much!