Homemade Exfoliators-Important & Healthier

Screen-Shot-2015-06-25-at-19.25.02Homemade facial and body exfoliators are simple to make, kind to your skin, healthier for the environment and your wallet!
A large portion of beauty products such as exfoliators/scrubs, cleansers, soaps, toothpaste and even some shampoos contain man made plastic micro-beads such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate.
Whilst lovely for your skin, the impact on the environment is becoming catastrophic and the death rate of fish and bird life due to ingestion is alarming.
These beads are so small they are not being sifted out by sewerage plants, therefore they are ending up contaminating our beautiful oceans.
These plastics are not biodegradable and in some seas the plastic beads are more plentiful then plankton which are being mistaken for food by marine life.
All of which is awful and totally unnecessary! So pleeease try and use these homemade recipes below.
Exfoliating is an important part of any health and beauty regime. Not only does it remove dead skin leaving a healthy glow, it helps premature ageing, promotes cell renewal and among many other things enables your creams to penetrate rather then sit on top of dead skin cells.
Exfoliation does however have to be done gently and only once a week for dry and/or sensitive skins, twice a week for oily and/or congested skins. Whilst Sugar increases premature ageing when eaten, applied to the skin it has the opposite effect. It’s excellent for breaking down the dead skin cells, smoothing the skin and promoting cell renewal.


The Easiest And Quickest Recipe For An Exfoliator
Once you have chosen a cleanser which is kind to your face and the environment, dispense a 50 pence size amount into your palm, then simply add some sugar (not caster sugar though) to make a paste. Ta Daaah you’ve made an environmentally, wallet friendly exfoliator!
Keep reading for tips on how to exfoliate.

Another Recipe For Homemade Exfoliator
All you need is either fine Sea Salt or Organic Sugar and either Organic Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil or Grapes Seed Oil or any other of your favourite oils (Organic is a personal preference any sugar or oil is fine)

Heres what you do, pour a small amount of either the sugar or salt into a small cup or bowl, then gradually mix in some of your chosen oil stirring the mixture until you have made a thickish paste.
After cleansing your face and neck and whilst still damp, scoop up your mixture in between your fingers, hold it there to warm it briefly then distribute it over your face and neck. Massage in gentle slow circular movements avoiding the delicate eye area, pay special attention to any areas which are oily, dull or congested. Remove the mixture with warm water either by splashing water or by using a muslin cloth or soft face flannel. Finish with a mask or moisturiser of your choice. Voila! Beautiful skin and No nasty chemicals or plastics in your body or the environment.
Both the above methods can be applied to your body so you can enjoy beautiful skin from top to toe with a clear conscience!