Protect, Protect, Protect Your Skin!

DSC000701-768x1024I can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your skin from the sun and elements.
The sun plays a significant role in the ageing and premature ageing process, whilst we definitely need the sun for vitamin D etc little and often with protection is always best.
As soon as you feel your skin getting hot, it’s time to get in the shade until it cools down. Your skin will also suffer if over exposed to wind, rain, heating, air conditioning, pollution, the list goes on…. We’ve all heard of prevention is better than cure, it’s so true!
I put it on every morning after moisturising. It’s great as it’s oil free, SPF 40 and is safe to put under the eyes where the skin is much thinner and sensitive therefore more susceptible to ageing.
Gently massage it in to your whole face, neck and décolleté, it does leave you a little paler if you have olive, dark or tanned skin, but your foundation will cover that, then apply foundation as normal, do this every day of the year what ever the weather.
Remember your skin is your largest organ and covers you from head to toe, it should be protected, respected and nurtured, as it is what protects you!