Nivea Cellular Anti-Age, Day Cream Review

DSC00129-1024x996So to go along with my Nivea Serum and Night Cream I bought the Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Skin Rejuvenation Day Cream SPF 15 (What a mouthful) to give it a try.
I really like this cream, I don’t need slap it on like I do with the night cream, as I use the serum all over my face, I don’t feel I need the day cream on my T-zone.
The texture is a medium lightness, smooth and again has the lovely clean and fresh Nivea scent. I find my skin stays hydrated and comfortable all day (which is a big plus when fighting wrinkles etc) As with the other products I have talked about in this Nivea range the price is great and is usually in an offer in some of the larger shops.
The combination of these products are working fabulously for me and I’ve always spent a fortune on high end professional skincare. Yes there are some products out there which may have larger quantities of anti-ageing ingredients, but at the moment these are really suiting my skin.
It’s more about finding out what suits your skin and remember at different times of the year and sometimes month your skin may have different needs.