Woohoo For Pasta Lovers!


Great news for pasta lovers! Eating left over cold and/or reheated pasta, becomes a healthy fibre rich meal.
Scientist Dr Denise Robertson from the University of Surrey found eating pasta that has been cooked then cooled, converts from being a carb-loaded food which gets broken down in the gut as simple sugars causing a huge spike in blood glucose to ‘resistant starch’. When consuming pasta that has cooled your body treats it similarly to fibre therefore producing a smaller glucose rise, it also feeds the good bacteria and you absorb less calories (that’s got to get a yeeeah)
Dr Chris Van Tulleken furthered the research by conducting a series of tests on how pasta performed if it were to be cooked, cooled then reheated, the results were fabulous. The rise in blood glucose was reduced by 50% taking pasta when prepared in this way to a healthy fibre rich food.
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