Reiki Healing

About Angelic Reiki Healing                            

Angelic Reiki Healing is a deep, powerful, protective and beautiful Ancient Wisdom which uses Angelic Energy and Vital Life Energy to bring balance, harmony and peace. Using hands placed lightly on and just above your body, beneficial Angelic healing energy is channelled to help support you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Angelic healing is deeply relaxing and loving, it helps with all kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual issues. From anxiety, stress and depression to muscular, bone and many types of disease/conditions. And/or you can simply enjoy the kind, loving healing treatment to relax and unwind you.
Angelic Reiki healing connects us with our Angels, who channel our Soul Energy to heal, balance and soothe emotional, physical, mental and spiritual problems.
Angelic Reiki connects us spiritually and assists in spiritual growth in a loving, gentle, peaceful and protective manner.
Angelic Reiki balances, cleanses, unblocks, harmonises and unifies your Chakra’s bringing peace and well-being. Your Chakra’s are vortices of pure energy and appear as wheel-like in shape, they are located along your spine and when clear, they spin radiating beautiful coloured energy.

What to expect during treatment
Angelic Reiki is kind, loving, gentle, safe and positive, you will feel relaxed and peaceful.
During the treatment, you will lay down in a warm and comfortable room, with soft music playing and low lights with candles.
The healer will place her hands lightly on or just above your body where she feels drawn.
You may feel a pleasant warmth or tingling sensation as the energy flows through the healer to you, releasing tension and stress.

One hour Healing & Talking Therapy £40
Half an hour Healing £30

Please see Readings  for a combination of a Reading with Healing.

A little science behind why and how energy healing works
Science now understands thats everything including us humans and the universe is made up of energy not matter.
We are also of course made up of atoms, however quantum physics researchers discovered as you look deep into how atoms work, you will see there are only energy waves there.
Atoms are an invisible force field much like an mini tornado, which emit waves of electrical energy and light, atoms are constantly absorbing and emitting energy and light even when we are at rest.
It is relatively recent that scientists have been able to measure electrical fields within cells, previously they were only able to measure across the cell’s membrane.
Strong electrical fields across cell membranes has been known in biology for a long time, however the discovery of internal electrical fields in an atom is an exciting newer phenomenon and one which may also enable scientists to learn more about disease.
Fascinatingly it has been found that the electrical fields within our bodies atoms are just as strong if not stronger then the electrical fields in bolts of lightening!
So to recap, we are all, everything and everyone, when you break us right down to the molecular level, we are all made up of, emit and absorb energy!
It is this energy which the Chinese call ‘Chi’ the Japanese call ‘Ki’ and in India it is called ‘Prana’ that is used in healing and as I’ve shown above we all have it and are it.
Receiving and giving healing stimulates the bodies natural ability to heal and balance itself, bringing health and well-being to the body, mind and soul.