Body, Massage & Cellulite

BackScrubWe provide fantastic body treatments which are excellent for cellulite & fat reduction, pain relief, lymphatic drainage, slimming, pigmentation problems, rough, dry skin, relaxation, calming & soothing – an absolute must!

An excellent treatment, the exfoliation refines & smoothes skin texture, boosts cell renewal, uplifts & restores, the moisturising massage nourishes, replenishes lost moisture levels & boosts elasticity, your skin is left soothed, smoothed & silky soft.
Back Exfoliation & Moisturise £35.00

For information on benefits please read Microdermabrasion in Facials
Back, Neck and Shoulders Approximately 25 mins £45.00
Chest Approximately 15 mins £25.00
Arms Approximately 20 mins £35.00
Legs Approximately 40 mins £48.00
Stomach Approximately 15 mins £20.00
Hands please see Manicure
Face please see Facials


Relax, unwind & enjoy a soothing, uplifting, stress & muscular relieving massage with lymphatic drainage & pressure points, for prices please see Swedish Massage below

A more vigorous, deeper massage excellent for aching muscles, relieving stiff necks, shoulder & back problems & much more
Full Body 1 hour £65.00
Back, Neck and Shoulders 30 mins £35.00
Half Back, Neck and Shoulders 15 mins £25.00
Legs Massage 20 mins £30.00
Hands & Arms 20 mins £30.00
Foot Massage 15 mins £20.00
Lower Leg & Foot Massage 20 mins £25.00

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE 30 mins £40.00
A beautiful treatment, with amazing benefits such as: relaxation, stress relief, relief from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, headaches, muscular pain, rebalances the body, clears sinuses, strengthens hair & hair growth, slows the process of hair loss & much more Includes massage of upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, head & face, pressure points over head & face.