Crystal Information

Enhance your life, surroundings and yourself; physically, emotionally and spiritually with the wonderful, magical power of Mother Earths most precious gifts…..Crystals!

Their positive, calming, health and well-being effects have been used for hundreds of years to enrich, heal and cure on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Crystals are also very beautiful, they can add a pop of colour to brighten or invigorate or with more gentle tones calm and sooth an environment.

Crystals will help support your mind, body and soul.

The pages below include descriptions of the amazing benefits, uses and placement of Crystals.

 cleansing/clearing & recharging your crystals 

wearing and/or carrying your crystals

   Agate           Amazonite       Amethyst

 Ametrine     Angelite               Aquamarine

 Aragonite       Bloodstone        Blue Lace Agate

 Carnelian       Celestite            Chrysanthemum

 Citrine             Clear Quartz    Jade

 Jasper               Moss Agate      Rhodonite

 Rose Quartz      Selenite               Smokey Quartz

 Sodalite            Tigers Eye           Turquoise