Cleansing/Clearing & Recharging Your Crystal(s)

It is important to cleanse/clear and recharge your crystals regularly as they will absorb negative energy and vibrations from not only yourself and others but also from the environment.

It is also very important to cleanse/clear and recharge your crystals when you first purchase them as they have already been handled by many, from the miners to the distributors.

There are many different methods to cleanse/clear your crystals which I will list below. There are some methods which I personally don’t use due to practicality, but if you feel it’s right for you and your crystals than follow your instincts.

It is thought that some crystals don’t need cleansing such as Citrine and Kyanite but I think all crystals should be cleansed, recharged, refreshed and cared for. That way they’ll be in the best condition to help and assist you.

What ever method(s) you choose just remember to cleanse/clear your crystals regularly. Remember to choose and buy crystals which have the properties and benefits of what you would like help with.


Do not use this method on porous crystals such as Selenite, Celestite, Azurite, Angelite and Halite. Caution must be exercised when using water on Lapis Lazuli, Opal and Turquoise if you use this method dry them after cleansing and never soak them.

This is a method I use regularly for crystals used in healing, wearing or those which have high usage such as dealing with health issues or negative minds.
Hold your crystals under a running tap, in a stream or a waterfall.
As the water runs over your crystals hold the intention and either say out loud or in your mind an affirmation such as:
‘May all negative energy be washed away and this crystal reenergised’
‘I cleanse you of all negative and lower energies and fill you with loving, peaceful and protective energy’
Imagine the negativity flowing out of your crystal and then it filling back up with positivity.


One of my favourite methods of cleansing and charging my crystals is in the moonlight.
It is safe to cleanse/clear and recharge all crystals this way and I find it very powerful.
The moonlight has a naturally powerful ability to lift the vibration of your crystals making their energy stronger and more vibrant.

Just place your crystals in the moonlight to bathe over night, the moon will draw out any impurities and negativity and recharge your crystals energy. It’s particularly good to place them when the moon is full as it is at it’s brightest and strongest.

You can also place them outside in the moonlight as long as you’re sure they are safe and those which shouldn’t be near moisture are protected, but I find the windowsill perfect.

I use this method once a month even if I’ve cleansed/cleared my crystals using another method for the recharging effect.


Sound is a very easy quick method of cleansing/clearing crystals, Tibetan Chimes are my favourite, you can also use Singing bowls. 
The pure sound has a powerful and strong vibration that will drive out any negativity and fill your crystals and room with good vibrations.
This is also a good method to cleanse/clear and raise the vibration of your home, work place or anywhere you feel it’s needed.

Simply chime the bells together over the crystals or around the room, if you are using singing bowls you can place a crystal inside or sound it next to a crystal or around the room. Use this method until you intuitively feel everything is clear, there’s no right or wrong way.

Playing relaxation or meditation music near by also has a cleansing effect.


Smudging is a great way to quickly clear/cleanse your crystals but make sure you open the window!

Smudge sticks are usually white sage which is the most potent, you can use these to cleanse your home or environment too.

Simply light the end until it flames then dab it out so it smokes, make sure you hold something underneath to collect the ash. Then simply either pass your crystals through the smoke or waft near them to surround them in smoke. You can waft the smoke around your home/place to clear all negativity, go through each room from corner to corner, ending by the front door, open the door and waft the negativity out.


Some people like to bury their crystals in the earth to cleanse/clear them, this method is effective and your intuition will draw you do this if it’s needed.
Simply pop them in the earth, be sure to mark where you placed them! Once you remove them you will probably need to clean the earth off.
This method is not recommended for porous or fragile crystals such as the ones listed under Water.


You can hold your crystals and imagine them being surrounded by white light to purify, cleanse, clear and reenergise them.
Whilst holding the vision and intention, affirm out loud or to yourself:
‘I cleanse you of all negativity and lower energies’ hold this for a moment or repeat until you intuitively feel it’s complete.
Then whilst still holding the intention and vision affirm ‘I energise you with positivity, love and light’ again repeat or hold until you intuitively feel it’s complete.
This method can be useful as long as your intentions are pure and focused whilst performing it.


Many people who are worried about using Water or Sage to cleanse/clear their crystals, especially precious or fragile ones use dry uncooked brown Rice.

Any rice is good to use, all you do is place a thinnish layer in a flatfish container or plate and place your crystals on top then leave them over night. Some people bury their crystals or cover them in rice, it’s up to you what you feel is needed but just laying them on top of a layer is sufficient. The rice will absorb any negative energy so be sure to throw it away after use.


Some people place their crystals in the sunlight to cleanse/clear and recharge their crystals but care and caution must be taken here.
Although the sun is fabulous to cleanse and recharge crystals many fade in sunlight such as Amethyst and Clear Quartz can focus the light to start a fire! So please be careful and mindful when using this method.
I only occasionally place select crystals in sunlight to recharge their batteries for a few hours when I intuitively feel it’s needed.


Some people place on top of or bury their crystals in salt or immerse them in the sea, care must be taken here as salt can be harsh and scratch and damage your little crystals. If you choose to use this method perhaps just place them gently on top of the salt or if you have buried them remove any salt with a little paint brush. If you place them in the sea (don’t lose them!) don’t place crystals that are porous or fragile such as the list under Water in salt or the sea.

Amethyst Cluster/Bed

Placing your crystal jewellery, palm stones, tumblestones, any new crystals or healing crystals on an Amethyst cluster/bed overnight will cleanse/clear negative energy from your crystals and charge them.
You can leave them there until you wish to use them again or place them near a Quartz cluster are they resonate energy.
Just remember to also cleanse/clear and charge the Amethyst piece regularly.

Please be careful not to scratch or damage the crystals when placing them together, you could use a soft thin piece of cloth or silk between them.

Please remember to check that your crystals are able to be cleansed in any of the above methods, if I haven’t included it as a no no then please research it rather than risk damaging your little beauties.