The health benefits, mentally, physically and spiritually are incredible if you just take a few moments to meditate daily. Included on this page are a range of Guided Meditations, to relax, balance, guide and bring you peace, calm, love and more. You can listen to them at any time and as much as needed.
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A short Healing, Relaxation, Positivity & Health Affirmation Guided Meditation

This is a short relaxing, uplifting and soothing affirmation meditation for healing, positivity, health, peace and love. Do this meditation anytime of the day and night as much as desired. Meditating twice daily will have a huge positive impact on your life.
With Love & Peace, Ella 🌸xx

A short Divine Light Meditation For Relaxation, Peace & Love

This is a short Divine Light meditation to relax, centre, refresh and bring you peace at any time of the day or night. It’s also great for when you don’t have much time!
Use it whenever and wherever you need, enjoy!
With Peace & love, Ella 🌸xx

A Guided Meditation To Meet Your Spirit Guides, Cleansing & Relaxation

This is a guided meditation for cleansing, meeting your Spirit Guides and for relaxation, which you can listen to at anytime of the day or night to refresh, calm and bring you peace and balance.
With Love & Light, Ella 🌸xx

A Short Grounding & Relaxing Meditation

This is a short grounding and relaxing meditation and exercise which you can use at any time of the day and night. It can be helpful to ground yourself daily for connection, balance and peace.
With Love & Peace Ella 🌸xx