About Readings

When receiving a reading you are held in a space of peace, love and calm whilst we work through seeing your life with a fresh new perspective. 
You can gain clarity, healing, spiritual growth, closure, release, direction and guidance in a supportive non-judgemental atmosphere.
Receive guidance to assist you to reach your full and highest potential in love, life and your career.
In the extended readings with coaching you will also learn how to ‘see only love’, how to manifest and attract what you desire (You may need more than one session depending on your prior knowledge and needs) Readings are tailor made to suit you at the time and are always on the highest vibration of love and light 💕

Reading £40
Extended Reading with Coaching £45
Reading & Healing £45
Extended Reading with Coaching & Healing £55

For information on the fabulous benefits of Reiki Healing please click this link or see above.