Wearing and/or Carrying Your Crystals

Many crystals work really well if you just have them on you, for example in your pocket, but there are some crystal which work best when they are actually touching your skin. The best way to receive the benefits of stones such as these is to either wear them as jewellery, place them in your bra or they can be taped to the area you wish to have healed or supported.
Many crystals work continuously and slowly such as Jasper and you may benefit from wearing them for longer periods of time. Whilst others work at a faster pace and you may feel the need to remove them after shorter periods of wearing/placement. Go with your intuition and how you feel to gage when to remove a crystal and when to reach for one.
Make sure you cleanse your crystals regularly, particularly if you are wearing them, after each use is best, over night works well.
For information on caring for your crystals please see the following page cleansing/clearing & recharging your crystal(s)