Eyebrow £6.50              Lip & Chin £10.00
Chin Wax £6.00            Upper Lip £5.00
Cheek Wax £10.00       Bikini Wax (to underwear line) £12.00
Stomach £10                Brazilian Bikini Wax £14.50
Full Legs £20.00          Three-Quarter Legs £17.50
Half Legs £12.50          Forearms £10.00
Full Arms £12.00          Underarms £8.50
Full Legs (including bikini) £30.00

Plucking is available for those who do not wish to or like to be waxed. Please be aware it is impossible to pluck each and every hair especially fine hairs. Plucking prices are a guide, if the therapist needs to spend considerable time the price may increase which you will be made aware of prior to treatment commencing.
Eyebrow Plucking £10.00
Lip Plucking £10.00
Chin Plucking £15.00